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Billy Gray Wiki/Biography

William Thomas Gray, who is better known as Billie Gray is a famous actor and businessman who also has an avid interest in motorcycle collections. The actor, best known for his role in the 1950s comedy “Father Knows Best,” went on to have a long career as a Class A Speedway motorcycle racer thereafter.

Bily Gray

Billy Gray Early Life

Billy Gray Early Life

He was born on January 13th of 1938, in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, United States of America. His parents were William H. and Beatrice Gray. His mother was an actress too and both of them had appeared in separate scenes of a 1949 horror-comedy known as ‘Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff’. His mother’s agent scouted him when he was young and was immediately put to work. He received multiple offers, however, most of them had no actual dialogues. With time, there were longer dialogues in the projects he was signed into. Gray began his Hollywood career as an uncredited extra in several films before being hired by comedy director Hal Roach to portray a member of a new generation of Little Rascals in the 1947 picture Curley. He never went to a proper school and received his education in between scenes on film sets. His most recent film appearance was in The Vampyre Wars in 1996. Besides filming, he also co-owns ‘BigRock Engineering’. This company invented quite a few devices which have proven to be useful over time- high-technology guitar picks, a self-massager, and a candle holder for jack-o-lanterns to name a few. Presently, Billy Gray has been living in his home at Topanga, California. 

Billy Gray Personal Life: Spouse/ Wife

Billy Gray is popularly known to have dated the Greek actress, Helena Kallioniotes for a year before going on to tie the knot in the year 1967. The marriage ended quite abruptly soon enough. They were together from the year 1967 to the year 1969.

Height / Weight/ Age/ Net Worth 

He is 184 cm tall which amounts to 6 feet. He weighs approximately 75 kgs and his age is 83 years old as of 2021. His net worth is 1.5 million dollars as of this year.

FACTS: Movies/ Television Show Acting/Appearances

 As a child actor Billy Gray portrayed the character of Jim Thorpe in his younger years in ‘Jim Thorpe- All-American’ and starred in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. Moreover, he also played the character of the younger brother of Annie Oakley in the pilot episode of the television show ‘Annie Oakley’.

He worked in several films over the years- ‘Fighting Father Dunne’ (1948) wherein he played the character of Chip, “Father is a Bachelor” (1950) wherein he was portraying the character Feb Charlotte, ‘Mister880’ (1950) in which he played the character, Mickey, ‘On Moonlight Bay’ (1951) in which he played the role of Wesley Winfield, ‘Talk About A Stranger’ (1952) in which he portrayed the character Robert Fontaine Jr, ‘All I Desire’ (1953) in which he played the role of Ted Murdoch, ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’ (1953) wherein he played the role of Wesley Winfield, ‘The Outlaw Stallion’ (1954) wherein he played the role of Danny Saunders, ‘The Seven Little Foys’ (1955) wherein he portrayed the character Bryan Foy, ‘The Explosive Generation’ (1961) wherein he played the role of Bobby Herman Jr., ‘The Navy vs. the Night Monsters’ (1966) wherein he played the role of CPO Fred Twining, ‘Dusty and Sweets McGee’ (1971) wherein he played the starring role of City Life, and ‘Porklips Now’ (1980) in which he portrayed the character of Dullard. 

He has also acted in television shows such as ‘Adventures of Superman’ (1953) in which he portrayed the younger version of the character Alan Harper, ‘Father Knows Best’ ((1954-1960) in which he played the role of 

James Anderson Jr., ‘The Thin Man’ (1957) in which he played the role of Mike Edwards, ‘Stagecoach West’ (1960), ‘Rawhide’ (1965) wherein he played the role of Lindsay McCullers, ‘The Father Knows Best Reunion (1977) and ‘Father Knows Best: Home For Christmas’ (1977) wherein he reclaimed his role of James Anderson Jr.